Anna Pennati & DG MOSAIC 


Materials are the new media

16th April, 7.30 pm | OnHouse, Via Passione, 8 | Milano

MATERIALS ARE THE NEW MEDIA is a driving project for DG Mosaic, because it represents a meaningful step forward in the definition of our philosophy and our conversation with the world, through our material. 
MATERIALS ARE THE NEW MEDIA is a profound dynamic project; not a static archive. 
Memory is never the same twice and neither is a conversation. 
The Project shows, in a digital editorial work, our effort to collect and to engage in a relationship with our material some of the world’s creative voices and material masterminds of the 21st  Century 

- in the fields of art, fashion, architecture and design. 

MATERIALS ARE THE NEW MEDIA is the manifestation of the desire to reflect our material in endless conversations and applications. 

On April 16, during the closing night of the 55th edition of the Salone del Mobile, inside the OnHouse space, 
domestic scene of the future, we will celebrate our collaboration with Anna Pennati and OnHouse: 
art, technology, design, desires.

We will welcome you with the narrative of Anna ALCHIMIE [installation and performance] interpreted through the touch of a tablet, absolute control, the unveiling of the first video of the collection ‘Materials are the new media’ and much more. 

We will also roll out for you our special red carpet. 

Please see the attached invitation.

BE curious! 

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Thank you.
DG Mosaic Team

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